Every piece of furniture has a role to play in transforming a house into a home. Every room has a story to tell with the furniture placed in it. A lot of memories are attached to chairs or a favourite couch. To ensure that the furniture lives for longer in excellent condition, you must take the necessary steps to clean and maintain it. A lot of the at-home methods can ruin your furniture if the right steps are not followed. This upholstery cleaning guide might be the end of all your problems.

Before you can even get to the cleaning process, it is essential to know the kind of cleaner you can use. Some fabric cleaning codes should be kept in mind. You can find codes like W, W/S, S and X on the care manual. W means it is safe to use water. W/S means water or solvent-based cleaners can be used, whereas S indicates the use of only solvent-based cleaners. Steer clear when you see X, reporting no filters to be used, you can use a vacuum or a brush to keep these kinds of fabrics clean.

Here’s how you can clean the W or S type of fabric:

  • Clean the stains first: Attend to the stains before they seep into the depths of the material. Do not rub the stain as it will make it harder to remove.
  • Vacuum the fabric: Make sure to cover the entire surface area, not forgetting the nooks and corners. Overlapping strokes can be beneficial. Using a brush attachment along with the vacuum can do wonders. If you don’t have a brush attachment, following up with any proper bristle brush works.
  • Use the cleaner:  Before using any cleaner, it would be smart to do a patch test. Thoroughly mix the cleaner with water, creating a lot of bubbles or suds. These suds should be rubbed on the fabric surface and not the water. Work your way with the suds depending upon your requirements.
  • Rinse it off: The best way to rinse the suds would be by gently wiping it with a wet cloth. Make sure to clean the fabric in between to get rid of excess suds.
  • Let it dry: Give it enough time to dry. If you do not, mould can form in the fabric.

Cleaning a piece of furniture can take a lot of time and effort. There are chances where they could go wrong. Seeking professional help would be your best bet. The Floor Care Plan has one of the best cleaning services at your disposal so that you don’t have to be confused with upholstery cleaning guides. Their services will suit all your needs, and they will take care of your furniture, just like their own.

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