Exploring the Various Methods of Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning in Surrey

The flooring is one of the essential parts of a house. There are several varieties of flooring available in the market. It is imperative to choose the right one. Although they are easy to maintain, they need a thorough cleaning. Each type of flooring requires a different cleaning method. Sometimes it isn’t straightforward to clean a particular type of floor. Flooring needs maintenance from time to time. If you are looking for floor cleaning in Surrey, then you must keep a few considerations in mind even before you look for professional advice.

Here are a few ways to effectively clean the different types of floor:

Porcelain floor

Porcelain floors are easy to maintain. A wet mop is all you need to remove a stain. Neutral floor cleaners can also be used. This can be done from time to time. The traditional string mop is the best. However, other mops work too. The spacing between the lines also needs to be cleaned. This makes the flooring look brand new. Corrosive chemicals should not be used. This can stain the surface of the flooring. Mild chemicals can be used to disinfect the floor. This keeps the floor healthy.

Vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring has become very popular. It is available in a lot of varieties. However, the most popular is the vinyl tiles. The main advantage is two-fold. It is easy to maintain, and it does not take much time. A wet mop is all you need to clean the floor. This works the same way it is used for cleaning ceramic floors. It is essential to keep one thing in mind. One should not use toxic cleaners. This can harm the floor. However, a mild one can be used to keep it new and healthy. Sometimes moping can leave stains on the floor. Then you can then use white vinegar. You can even use water. Continuous rubbing can clear the stain, but it should be done gently. One thing has to be kept in mind. Never pour water directly on the floor, as it might damage the flooring.

Wooden floor

Hardwood flooring is challenging to maintain. It is unlike other floorings. Professionals are required in this case. If properly cleaned, it looks as good as new. So, how to have a spick and span floor? How to have a dust-free wooden floor for your kid or your pet?

Firstly you can vacuum your floor. Then you can spread some liquid over it.  Let the floor remain soaked in it and then remove it to make it dust-free. Thus, the floor will bear a brand new appeal and will stay dust-free at the same time.

Floor cleaning in Surrey has never been this easy. The Floor Care Plan provides your home with the latest cleaning technology. Switch to professional floor cleaning where you can get the best advice. Wooden floors run the risk of getting wet and damp. Professional floor cleaning activities make sure your wooden floors remain healthy and happy. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the latest cleaning methods and book your service now.