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£12.99 per month (upto 30 metre squared)

For areas over 30m2 please add 0.35p per m2 to direct debit and note figure in this box.

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Affordable Floor Cleaning In Surrey

Willing to clean, polish and restore the floors in your house? Approach Floor Care today for floor cleaning in Surrey. They have years of experience in rejuvenating and uplifting floors so that they can look their best. The advanced cleaning methods can effectively remove deeply embedded dirt and debris capable of eroding your floors. Over the years, we have projected ourselves as a leading floor cleaning company catering to both residential and commercial clients. All our services are competitively priced to suit customers with various budgets.

Invest In Professional Floor Cleaning

We just don’t claim to be the best floor cleaning company in Surrey but let the quality of our services tell you the truth. Each and everyone approaching us can stay assured of getting high-quality floor cleaning services. Not only do we clean floors but can also repair them if they have suffered any damage due to our work. Hire our floor cleaners today and save the cost of floor repairs and replacement.

About Our Floor Cleaning Experts

Our floor cleaners in Surrey have the experience and expertise required to keep hardwood floors looking clean and shiny. Not only are they certified but also undergo training at fixed intervals to keep themselves updated with the latest floor cleaning techniques. They know how to clean and finish hardwood floors and extend their life. They rely on a friendly approach and have carved a niche in the industry by offering first-class customer service. With them by your side, cleaning floors will become hassle-free.

Get Customised Floor Cleaning Services

Our floor cleaning experts are aware of the fact each floor differs and so does the type of cleaning services they need. Our experts assess the condition of your floors before customising their services to suit your needs and budget. Our customised floor cleaning services are quite renowned all over Surrey.

We provide a host of fantastic features like a helpline to assist you in the event of an accidental spill or stain. You will also get a free professional micro splitter stain removal spray when you join. Our retail partners have special promotional rates for clients purchasing a new floor.

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