In this modern age, minimalism is a hit in interior design. Many people choose simple wall colours and furniture with a pop of colour. What usually acts as a central decor piece is a beautiful carpet. A carpet brings a room together and helps maintain cohesiveness, but it has to be maintained and cleaned correctly to be admired. If you have ever come across a company that offers carpet cleaning in Croydon, you might have seen that they provide a lot of methods to clean carpets. How can you choose the best one for you? Here is some information that might be helpful.

5 Essential to Have Your Carpet Speck-less Clean

Hot water or steam cleaning

Historically, this is known to be one of the most popular methods for cleaning carpets. In this method, hot water creating a lot of steam is directly sprayed into the carpet along with high pressure that brings out all the dust, dirt, mud and debris trapped inside. It also fluffs up matted carpets giving a softer and fresher look and feel to the carpet.

Dry cleaning

The wet cleaning method results in a longer drying time of about 6-7 hours. Dry cleaning methods are taking the lead to combat this problem. In this method, a powdered detergent compound or a similar chemical with very little water is brushed onto the carpets, which helps the dust bind to it. The combination is then vacuumed out for a clean carpet.

Foam extraction or encapsulation

In this method, the cleaning detergent or compound is the foam that bubbles and expands. The dirt sticks to the foam and comes up to the surface, which can then be easily removed by an extraction process.

Rotary shampoo

This is another method that has been popular for a long time. In this method, the cleaning agent is a shampoo solution that is applied on the carpet by rotating brushes which push the solution in for a deep cleanse. It is then generally rinsed with the steam method and left to dry.

Absorbent pad or bonnet method

The name is self-explanatory. The cleaning agent is sprayed all over the carpet. Then it is given enough time to work all over into the layers of the carpet. It is then removed when a machine fitted with thick, absorbent pads soaks up all the dirt and debris along with the cleaning agent.

Now, you can decide the best method for your carpet cleaning needs loaded with all this information. All these methods require a professional in the industry as many of the techniques can ruin your carpet if not done correctly. It is best to trust one of the professional carpet cleaning company in Croydon, the Floor Care Plan will ensure nothing but the best for your carpets along with expert advice.


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